This type of yoga combines Alignment Based Yoga (intelligent placement of the body and breath during yoga asana) and Dynamic Functional Vinyasa (functional movements in midrange with the breath) for a comprehensive practice that leaves you feeling empowered, relaxed, energized, and in touch with your own body. We place importance on biomechanics and specific muscle actions to use as we practice in order to maximize the potential in each asana, heal chronic pain, alleviate stress, prevent injury and promote steady progress.

Dynamic Alignment Yoga is a therapeutic practice that helps us to truly learn how to move with strength, self knowledge and integrity on and off of the mat. When we move our bodies with integrity and awareness, we find that it is easier to move through our lives with these same qualities, living our yoga rather than just practicing asanas.

This is a heart centered yoga, with an emphasis on realizing the peace and light within as we increase prana, or life force, in the body.

Each class introduces a theme: such as honesty, courage, patience, forgiveness, perseverance or intuition to further deepen your practice. The theme is delivered through meditation, cuing, and the sequence of  poses that help us to experience the theme physically, further integrating the mind, body heart and spirit.

This practice is reminds us of the divine spark inside of each of us by cultivating a sense of awareness and connection with body mind and spirit. Just as no person is the same, the expression of each individual in his or her own way is encouraged in the practice.

We use yoga props such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to assist us in our own self expression through practice. No body is the same, but we can all feel the same ease of movement and embodiment when we learn to align, strengthen and balance our bodies. Props help us to do this safely and effectively.

Classes range from beginner to advanced intermediate, depending on student needs.

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