Journey into Your Creative Heart

Starts December 5, 2020
Ends December 12, 2020

03:00 - 11:00

Multi-Destination in Colombia


Join us for this transformational 8 days and 7 night experience! As we travel to both the Caribbean coast and Coffee Region of Colombia, we will also journey to the heart and the essence of self through exploration of the senses. 

Connect with your creativity, step into the flow, and align with your divine purpose by turning up the volume on your intuition in this sacred journey through the elements.

This week of playful, embodied practice will take you on a sensory journey. Participate in transformational yoga practice and specialized workshops designed to help you tap into the river of your intuition. This retreat will give you the space to explore the sensitive, soulful, fiery and passionate sides of your multifaceted self. Experience feeling grounded and safe, free and exuberant, and everything in between. Rediscover your sensual self through movement (yoga and dance), sound healing, visual arts, massage, and interactive workshops.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 – Welcome to Bogota, Colombia

Today you will arrive in Bogota and stay at the Aloft hotel, very close to the international airport. There is a shuttle that will take you from the airport to the hotel every half hour. There are many places to grab dinner close to the hotel. A list of suggestions will be given. 

Day 2- Presence – Earth

This morning after breakfast we will fly from Bogota to Santa Marta, and travel to el Matuy via private land transport. Today we celebrate presence and settling in, creating space and fertile ground for growth and self discovery. Enjoy lunch on the beach, followed by an opening ceremony to be led by Elizabeth and Sam,  and yoga class and guided meditation with Eliesha. Savor dinner by candle and torch light. This evening Elizabeth and Sam will be offering a workshop on Astrology and the Elements. 




Day 3 – Resiliency – Fire

Coffee, tea and Fruit will be provided each morning before our practice. Today we celebrate our strength and resiliency through tapas, which keeps us ¨lit up¨ and motivated to move forward, transforming, toward our bliss. Today we celebrate expression of our inner most self – of our divine spark through Intentional Alignment Yoga. Spend the day relaxing on the beach, take a walk to the nearby river for a swim, or read in a hammock. Lunch mid day. This afternoon we will have Transformation session with Elizabeth about the Power of your Personal Story and Aligning with your Purpose. After dinner we will gather around a bonfire for a fire ceremony. 

Day 4 – Receptivity – Water

Today we celebrate grace, fluidity, and receptivity. Just as water finds a path determined by ever changing landscapes, so may we cultivate openness, compassion and grace to best go with the flow of our own lives. This morning we will have a sweet and fluid vinyasa class. After breakfast we will take a short jungle hike, followed by a journey down the Palomino river in inner tubes. We will return to the hotel for lunch. This afternoon we will tune into the vibrations in and around us with a sound healing session led by Sam. Dinner by torchlight.

Day 5  – Love – Air

Greet the day with Coffee, Tea Fruit and Yoga with Eliesha. Today we celebrate communication, love, and the element of air. After breakfast we will travel to our next destination, Hacienda Venecia coffee farm the heart of the coffee region in Manizales, Colombia. Lunch enroute.  We will be staying in a beautiful guesthouse on a traditional coffee farm. The landscape is beautiful and there are a number of self guided walks available onsite. A special treat tonight! We will have a dance class with latin beats and salsa moves provided by our very own Edwin!! Enjoy dinner at the Hacienda, and an evening to relax after a full day. 


Day 6 – Communication – Sound – Ether

Wake up to to sound of birds and the smell of coffee. This morning we will include Partner Yoga in our yoga practice. Today we celebrate our spaciousness, potential and expansion. We are spacious beings, and we have the ability to create expansion…. we are made of stardust! After breakfast we will participate in a comprehensive coffee tour. Learn about the coffee process from seed to cup – as well as what makes Colombian coffee so special. Relax in the afternoon. Refresh in the pool,  read in a hammock, or take a nap during our afternoon siesta. Therapeutic Massages are scheduled during free time today. This afternoon we will have a body painting and communication session with Sophie, a shamanic healer, to tune into the sense of touch. Enjoy dinner family style. 


Hacienda Venecia Sunset

Day 7 – Light – Intuition

Today we celebrate the Light we have within, as well as the beauty of the shadow that light casts. We celebrate the divine spark that we are, and that we share. Morning coffee, fruit and a special Estatic Dance Class with Sam. After breakfast we will travel to Villa Maria to see the town square and sample local baked goods. After gobbling our goodies we soak in the volcanic thermal baths at Termales Otoño. Lunch onsite at the thermals. This afternoon we will return for Yoga Nidra with Eliesha and Dinner. Following dinner we will have our closing ceremony led by Sam and Sophie, a shamanic healer.


5 day yoga retreat - Hacienda Venecia

Day 8 – Vibration – Universal Consciousness – Departure

Today we celebrate the connections we have created through the activities, experiences and yoga practices during this retreat. We remember that we are part of the same light – the same universal spark. Begin the day with coffee, tea and fruit and a final yoga practice with Eliesha.  This morning you will travel to Bogota (flight included), where you may catch your outbound flight or continue your journey in Colombia. If you have chosen to participate in the ¨Creating Sacred Space¨ workshop, we will leave for the Nevado Ruiz after breakfast. 

Retreat Team

Elizabeth Gudrais

Elizabeth G.

Elizabeth Gudrais is a fitness/nutrition coach, writer, and creative guide with Living Vibrantly. With extensive experience and certifications as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, she is well versed in guiding people to use movement as a tool to drop into their embodied wisdom. As a certified nutrition coach, she draws on her experience in recovering from binge eating as she guides people to listen to their intuition and inner knowing. In her coaching, she supports clients in using food and movement to change their energy—to cultivate a sense of alignment and wellbeing. She believes that every human being is a creative artist—whether your mode of creation is writing or drawing, cooking or computer programming. She is passionate about helping others discover their creative gifts and come into alignment with their life purpose.

Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson, owner of Highway to Heal in Sioux Falls, SD, is a certified Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner. Her passion for health and wellness feeds her desire to help people heal themselves, by using natural healing techniques that trigger the body, mind and spirits own healing abilities. In her practice, Samantha also offers Life Coaching, where she assists her clients with past, present and future struggles, obstacles and challenges. She believes that everyone has a higher purpose and does her best to empower people to become the best versions of themselves through self-discovery, reflection and healing. In her newest adventure, she is DJing Ecstatic Dance sessions for people looking for a way to connect with their bodies on a deep level. Music has always been a huge part of her life so, she wanted a way to share that passion with other people, by giving them a safe space to express themselves through body movement and music.


Eliesha Lovell 

Eliesha has been teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats in Colombia since 2012. Learn more about Eliesha here.

Palomino Reconnection Yoga Retreat

Accommodation Details



About El Matuy – El Matuy is a nature reserve located in Palomino, Colombia. The cabins are located right on the beach, and are spacious and thoughtfully designed (open air bathrooms!!!). El Matuy does not have electricity in the cabins, which are lit with candles in the evening. There is Wifi and a charging station in the lobby area. Yoga practice will be held on a thatched wooden platform overlooking the ocean.  Food is locally sourced and delicious. There are options for vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan and gluten free diets. El Matuy is located between 2 rivers and very close to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia’s tallest mountain and home to the Kougi, Aruahaco, and Wiwa native tribes who consider this corner of the earth to be sacred space…. and it truly is a scared space where the elements combine to create peace and beauty. 

    Hacienda Venecia Pool

Yoga Retreat Hacienda Venecia   

About Hacienda Venecia Coffee Lodge – Located on a working coffee farm outside of Manizales, Colombia, this beautiful guesthouse is a lovely place to practice yoga and experience the coffee region of Colombia. Rooms have a private bathroom and balcony overlooking either the coffee fields or a nearby river. There is a pool onsite. Meals are traditional regional foods made with local ingredients. Options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free available. Yoga practice will be held on a large porch overlooking the coffee fields and bamboo forrest. 



Early Bird Pricing before July 15 – $2.000.00 USD

Regular Pricing after July 15 – $2.250.00 USD

Payment Plan $2.500.000 USD ; 6 payments of $500 USD (June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1)

  Lunch Hacienda Venecia


  • 3 national flights 
  • (Bogota to Santa Marta, Santa Marta to Pereira, Manizales to Bogota)
  • 7 nights of accommodation 
  • (1 Aloft Hotel in Bogota, 3 El Matuy, 3 Hacienda Venecia)
  • All land transport indicated
  • 7 yoga sessions with Eliesha
  • Workshops led by Sam, Elizabeth and Sophie
  • 1 60 minute traditional Colombian dance class 
  • 1 60 minute massage
  • 1 River Float
  • 1 Trip to the Thermals
  • All meals indicated 
  • Wine or beer with dinner at Hacienda Venecia if desired


There is a 6 person minimum for this retreat.

If we do not have 6 people registered by November 1st, we will cancel the retreat and refund your registration fee.

You may cancel your reservation prior to October 1st without penalty.

After October 1st, your registration is non-refundable.

Please feel free to ask all questions. We are here to help you and make this adventure possible!

Namaste 🙂


Yoga and Reconnection Beach Retreat

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